Monday, July 24, 2006

See how cute I really am...

Ok, I can't replace my owner's picture in the corner... so thought I'd share my Christmas snapshot with you.

Why this one? Why now, in the middle of summer?

Because when I look at this picture, it cools me off... You see, we've been having a heat-wave in western Oregon... 3 days over 100 degrees and even today it's already 97 and not even to the hottest part of the day.

No worries for me though. We've got air conditioning and I'm quite content to sleep the day away.

I've learned that going out during the day isn't real bright... wait, yes it's very bright out there... I mean not real smart as my feet get way too hot!

Call me what you what you want... I think I'm pretty smart!

Sarah, the Spinach Fits!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sarah here... I've tied up my owner, and hijacked this blog

Yep it's me, the real Spinach Fits... I mean Finnish Spitz.

Ok, so I'm not exactly the best looking one you'll ever see, I'm the most lovable one around.

Not only that, I'm your atypical Finkie... I don't bark all the time, just at stuff that's really important, like the neighbor dog, when I want something (treats, a walk, etc), and I'm not hyper-active, always patrolling.

Ever since the "great experiment" to see if there was just one more way to solve my itchy skin issue has ended, I've been begging my owner to let me have this blog.

You see, I want to tell my story, in my own barky words, and let y'all know that life isn't really that bad.

Be sure to check back often as I'll be barking up a storm here, since I just took over. Got tired of begging... isn't that what dog's do?

Ok, off to water the lawn,
Sarah, the real itchy dog of The Itchy Dog Blog

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The pics I promised... better late than never

Wow, life gets away from you when you're having fun.

Ok, here are the pics I promised of Sarah just after completing her first bottle of StemEnhance. As you can see, she's got quite a bit more hair in general. Things were growing out nicely and I couldn't feel any little spots developing.

Here's a better shot of her front side. Where she had been bald before, she actually had a nice crop of under fur with guard hairs growing too.

Unfortunately, the 6 day layoff was enough for her immune system to say thanks for the boost, but I'm returning to my previous state. Since then, even though she's gone through an entire bottle of StemEnhance, she's gone from appearing to experience recovery, to losing even more fur in more areas.

I don't believe the problem is with StemEnhance. This was an extreme challenge and the risks were great. She thoroughly enjoyed the cheese each day, too.

What's next? I've not decided yet. While it pains me to see her itch, she seems to adjust well. Her treatment options are all expensive, and life shortening.