Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coco was a bad girl last night

Oh that Coco!

Don't know if I told you or not... but Coco is a thief and a chewer!

Anywhoo's, she stole one of "the owner's" work gloves when no one was looking. "The Owner" didn't notice until it was nearly time for bed... long after "Grandma" had gone to bed.

Well, "the owner" went on the hunt. Lights were turned on. Beds were inspected. Dogs were checked to see who looked really guilty. I was safe 'cause I know better. Koda was safe 'cause she's "too good and pretty" to do anything like that. Mindy was safe 'cause she's too lazy to bother. That left Kiki and Coco.

Kiki just couldn't be guilty. She'd been sleeping in the big chair. Besides, her favorites are washcloths, ballpoint pens, etc... not some stinky, dirty leather glove.

Coco, on the other hand, has a penchant for stuff that is "well loved" and used. She's been known to chew up socks, underwear, old hats, etc.

Bev, the retired cop when on patrol... finding a well-tenderized glove under "Grandma's" bed. That sealed it... Coco was the culprit since that's her very favorite hidey-hole, especially when she's got a good chew on hand.

"The Owner" got her glove back, wet and soggy, but without new holes. Coco... well it was way too late to reprimand her, but I did notice "the owner" wouldn't give her "special time" as we were relaxing before heading for bed.

If you ask me, Coco was lucky to get to sleep indoors... I'd have thrown her brown butt out for the night. But then, I suppose she'd have been baying to get in... after all, she is a wannabe Lab, a real hound dog.


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