Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dead mouse in the middle of the yard...

Boy, was that ever fun!

All five of us were out playing and hunting, when someone... I'm not sure who... found a dead mouse.

Well, since I'm the only "real hunting dog"... I took charge. I barked a warning, and then growled real good. The other girls just treated me like we were playing... they didn't seem to care that this was serious business.

Well, that aroused "the owner".

She came out of the house just in time to get run over by all of us, as Kiki, the GS/Aussie mix had grabbed up that icky, dirty dead mouse and was leading the chase to show it off.

You should have seen her... head hanging out one side of her mouth and the tail out the other.

Well, "the owner" hollered, coaxed, chased, and finally got Kiki's attention long enough to pick up the mouse and throw it over the block wall... Game over...


It was time for a quick game of "kick over the water bowl"!

This is alway fun... It's usually Coco's job to put her paws on the bowl and knock it off the block. While we wait for the water to run all over the place and fill up some holes, we stay real quiet, so "the owners" don't know what we're doing.

Oh what fun... Coco, Kiki and even Mindy just love to run through the puddles and play in the little ponds. Boy do they get muddy!

Uh-oh... "the owners" just put a stop to that for the day... they shut off the water!


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