Saturday, May 26, 2007

Been a long time since I could sneak up in the computer chair...

That black thing I told you about was replaced by a little white thing... but not before I had way more fun that I was supposed to with the black one.

The little white one cried all the time, and kept everyone awake, so she didn't get to hang around long. Rumor has it, she moved to the garage. After that, I'm not real sure what happened.

In the meantime, the humans built something that looks like a four-hole "outhouse"... My owner took me out to see what was there and... Lo and behold it was full of little feathered critters! Now, that scared the you-know-what right out of me... I'm a bird dog, and I'm sure I'm not supposed to be around those.

My owner had to pick me up and hold me over their barrier so I could see them... All I wanted, was out and away.

Last week, they built some big white thing that makes a flapping noise outside our north wall. I'm not sure what it is, but I do know Coco and Kiki have both seen it. All they do is bark at it.

Speaking of Coco... I'm so tired of her sticking her big, cold, brown nose into my private parts! The other day, she did it one too many times and boy, did I let her have it! You should have seen the humans wading in between us.

Yeah, I had my teeth bared and I really sounded ferocious...

Koda nearly knocked me over, and stepped on one of my most tender feet. That didn't help matters... Coco was nearby again, so yeah... I went after her big time!

Life on the bed has been pretty sweet. I've discovered that I can lay down on my side and then scootch myself up to the top of the bed at night when my owner finally comes to bed. That way I get a whole lot of special love until "turn over" time. Then, for my own safety, it's off to the end of the bed.

Oh, gotta tell you about "Grandma".

She's good for all kinds of treats. We get cookies for coming in on time. We get little crackers "just because".

And at dinner time... well, let's just say they sure eat well around here. We get salad, potatoes, green beans, eggs, bits of meat... in fact, the other night, we even got steak! Nobody ever told me how good this could be.

Each night we get called for "pills". That's when we get something that is really sweet, white and fluffy. Not sure why it's called "pills", but I can tell you I don't miss them. Oh, we also get them first thing in the morning.

If we're really lucky, grandma doesn't always want all her breakfast... and we get to share that, too. I just love peanut butter toast!

Uh-oh... I could be busted... looks like the humans have come in to enjoy the air conditioning...

Sarah, the spinach fits... I mean Finnish Spitz


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