Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year! We've moved to the COUNTRY!!!

Oh boy! I think I died and went to dog heaven...

You see, for the last month, I've been living in my owner's car... well, maybe not the whole month, for a long time. First she decided to relocate, then she chose to drive 1100 miles into the most desolate area I've ever seen.

Ah, but there's awesome news... I have have 5 playmates. Three of them are lots of fun. One is old and sleeps all the time, and one is a great, big bully... She thinks she's the Alpha bitch here.

Let's see, there's Kiki, the German Shepherd pup. She's only 6 months old and is already twice my size. Then, there's Coco. She's part Lab and part Redbone Hound. She looks a lot like a Lab... but when she barks, well that's the end of any Lab resemblance.

Next gal in the pack is by buddy, Koda. We're only a year or so apart and look a little like cousins.

The old gal, Missy is totally deaf (born that way) is quite crippled up, but seems never to miss either a treat or a meal.

Mindy, the "Alpha Bitch" is a big black Lab... about 4 times my size. For some reason, I just can't help but antagonize her every chance I get.

Now for the bad news, I've got 4 people telling me what I can and cannot do.

First thing I had to learn was to go "out back" without my leash. Then they took away my collar. I was so well trained to always wait for the right command... oh well, now I'm able to go out at will with the other girls. We romp and play to our hearts' content.

I'm still trying to figure out the meal time routines. They have this big "common" feed and water station. It's sitting right on the tile, and I just hate tile. Worse yet, I've not quite figured out the pack order... I keep wanting to eat when Mindy does... and she growls at me. Then the humans yell at me.

For a while, my owner set up a special bowl... but everyone else kept emptying it as fast as it got filled.

Then there's that awful water thingy... First I have to stretch out as long as I can. I'll put my front paws on that tile, but my hind ones are staying put on the carpet. I just get all situated and start lapping away only to have it make some really weird gurgling sound... Scares my scraggly fur right off me.

Ok, my owner has cracked her first New Year's Eve brew... wait 'til she discovers it 3.2% "pee water". I can see where New Year's Eve will be a hoot. At least I shouldn't have to worry about a ton of fireworks like I did in Oregon.

Hopefully I can get back here soon with more tales from Utah,
Sarah the "Spinach Fits"... I mean Finnish Spitz