Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oie! I'm just all undone...

I'll admit it... I'm totally confused!

Last time I got a hold of this keyboard, I said there was something up about some kind of nursery.

Well, seems as though there's more than one nursery around here. The basement has a nursery that I've not seen... got no idea what they're doing with it. I know Cindy (one of the humans) keeps hoarding the table scraps (salad) that I would have gotten.

Now, my buddies Coda and Coco have been to visit the basement, and they tell me things are really strange down there. Something about some kind of creepy crawlers...

Oh, they told me that their owner, Cindy is telling the story in her blog.

That's not all! Look here at what seems to have encroached on the relationship with my owner.

I'm new to this "farming thing"... so not sure yet what it is. It's living in my buddies crate, and my owner seems to dote over it. She feeds it and takes it outside.

Last night, she turned it loose in "our space". I got my mouth on it a couple of time... and then got yelled at. Wait a minute... when something runs, aren't you supposed to catch it? The other girls seemed to be coaxing it to go in certain directions, and from time-to-time would bump me off the chase... I'm so confused!

Now, my owner (who's bed I now own) didn't know the other "girls" had given me "the duty" for last night. This little thing is kind of fragile and sometimes has to be fed. Everyone sleeps so soundly it's up to us to alert the humans to it's needs.

I'm just a rookie, and have never been a mother, so every time it moved, I was off the bed and whining at it's pen. 'Bout drove my owner mad. In fact, she put three of us out for a while so we could cool our pads a bit.

OMG... Coda and Coco just went for a walkabout. That's not good... they'll be in the big dog house when they return. I see my owner has captured Coco and has her on a leash. She got all the way down to our first intersection. I've walked down there, but only on lead.

Coda took off cross-country to the neighbor's on the west. Mom safely got her into the Blazer and brought her home.

A couple of times last week I got to go "wabbit hunnin'" on the desert... Boy, that was fun. There's so many trails and so many holes, I didn't know where to dig first!

Ok, I gotta go check on that little black critter again, so gonna sign off.

Sarah, the "Spinach Fits"... I mean Finnish Spitz

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wow! I'm in my element now...

Would you look at all this snow? Got my human to take a pic of me and my buddies.

This fell yesterday while I was "lounging".

I do say it's a little chilly on the "city paws" yet. As you can see though, my coat is getting better. Thought I'd freeze when I first got here.

Oh, about that "lounging" thing... I've discovered the beds. The other day, I even tried "Grandma's" bed... got yelled at. Must be an off limits area.

You just don't know how much fun it is to make the humans sleep kitty-corner or AROUND me. My half is the one in the middle.

By the way, you really need to see what the women are up to... they've been doing all kinds of crazy things like shredding up paper, cutting up cardboard, even cutting us short on treats from time to time... something about building a nursery of sorts.

Yesterday, they moved some stuff to the basement. I'm not wild about stairs, but both Koda and Coco went to investigate... so far they're not real sure about what's happening either.