Thursday, August 09, 2007

Uh oh... Busted!

Yikes, I was just sneaking up into the computer chair and... well, you see... that damn Coco went and howled on me. That's right, she just up and tattled!

No one, I mean no dog is EVER ALLOWED in the computer chair.

Well, being the cute little red fuzzy-butt that I am... I looked up at my owner and said...

"Arrghh, ahhhh, oooughraw, yaaawww!" (That's Finnish Spitz talk for "Uh-oh... busted... but I'm so darned cute, how can you possibly be mad!")

After a bit of "snootering" and getting more than enough love... "the owner" and I struck a deal.

If I want to use the computer, I have to "earn my time" by "working online". She's setting me up to do "Pay Per Post"... something about reviewing stuff and then writing about it.

Bet they've never had a dog working for them... oh well, if I want to use the 'puter, that's the deal.

Count me in... bring on the stuff!

the spinach fits... I mean Finnish Spitz


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