Monday, February 19, 2007

The human has left the 'puter unattended...

It's me, Sarah!

Thought I'd never get to sneak back on here again. You see, we lost the Internet last week, and then my human got distracted working around the farm.

I managed to snag some pics of my new buddies... I'll give you a short bark about what they're like.

This is Kiki, the pup. She's part German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, I think maybe Border Collie. As you can see, she looks like a GSD (except for the floppy ear). Don't be fooled by that "shepherd look"... she's timid like the Aussie shepherd, and smarter than you can imagine.

Before I arrived, she was having a really hard time with "potty training". Seems going outside meant play rather than business first. Over the last couple months, things have seemed to straightened out. I'd like to think I helped, since I ALWAYS go potty first and then play later.

The next buddy is Coco, a wannabe Lab that's really a Hound.

She's not quite 2 years old and full of mischief. My owner is always after her for all her "bad habits". I don't know if it's a "hound thing" or not, but she's really into sniffing butts... any butts. You should hear the women howl when she noses them! Especially first thing in the morning.

She's also the one who gets us in the most trouble. Her curiosity leads us right over the edge.

In fact, the other day, she stole some hamburger from the counter that was laid out into patties for the human dinner. Needless to say, there were no treats for anyone that night!

Koda is my other "best buddy". She and I are about the same age.

She had a really rough start in life, having been abandoned and left for dead.

I've gotta tell you, she's the sweetest dog around. Her only bad habit is wanting to be a "jelly bean"... always horning in on the love and attention.

She has Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and who knows what else in her. My owner really likes her as she has a very soft coat. We trade off who sleeps in which bed between Cindy and my owner.

Mindy is Grandma's dog... and thinks she's the prima donna.

She's a very large Black Lab/Rottie cross. I've learned to get along with her by staying out of her way, especially at the food bowl. She makes it very clear that while she's eating and/or drinking... that entire area is hers and hers alone.

Missy is the "old lady" of the group. She's Cindy's son's dog... but has lived with Cindy for years. A full Chocolate Lab, she was his prized hunting dog until she got too old to hunt. Cindy has provided a comfortable retirement for her.

I think I mentioned earlier that she was born deaf... not true. She's just gone deaf with age. What's really funny is that even though she can't hear, the women all talk to her as well as use hand signals to get her to do what she's asked.

Believe me, she never misses a treat or a meal.

Oh, and just like other "old ladies" she passes gas when you least expect it... and then calmly gets up and seeks fresh air.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wow, time flies when you're having fun...

Ok, we've found a somewhat workable solution for the water bowl. It's located just on the edge of the carpet. Now the only issue is everyone else prefers it to the gurgly thingy, too. More often than not, when I want a drink, it's empty.

Thank goodness all the women are looking out for me, filling it many times a day.

Oh, I've also got the "bed" thing figured out. My owner never let me lounge on her bed, but here... it seems nearly every bed is fair game, all day and all night. I finally got brave enough to jump on Cindy's bed, and to my surprise, she let me stay.

I have to admit though, that every time I try to get territorial about it, she yells at me. Sheesh, all these girls are bigger than me. They take up way more space and are forever slapping me in the face with their tails... and I get yelled at for trying to declare a little space.

My owner has had to let me on her bed since the other girls have made themselves at home there, too. In fact, every morning, Koda's favorite trick is to try and sit on her head... Boy is that funny!

Now, I've found one bed that seems to be off limits... Grandma's bed! Last night I jumped up and made myself at home only to get chased off by everyone from Grandma, to my owner... She even took a magazine to me when I dared jump up a second time. Come to think of it, I've never seen any of the other girls on that bed... maybe I should get a clue.

'Til later... I've got mud to sling in the back "yard" as it's nice and warm and the snow is all melted.

Sarah, the "Spoiled Spinach Fits"...
I mean, Spoiled Finnish Spitz