Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wow, time flies when you're having fun...

Ok, we've found a somewhat workable solution for the water bowl. It's located just on the edge of the carpet. Now the only issue is everyone else prefers it to the gurgly thingy, too. More often than not, when I want a drink, it's empty.

Thank goodness all the women are looking out for me, filling it many times a day.

Oh, I've also got the "bed" thing figured out. My owner never let me lounge on her bed, but here... it seems nearly every bed is fair game, all day and all night. I finally got brave enough to jump on Cindy's bed, and to my surprise, she let me stay.

I have to admit though, that every time I try to get territorial about it, she yells at me. Sheesh, all these girls are bigger than me. They take up way more space and are forever slapping me in the face with their tails... and I get yelled at for trying to declare a little space.

My owner has had to let me on her bed since the other girls have made themselves at home there, too. In fact, every morning, Koda's favorite trick is to try and sit on her head... Boy is that funny!

Now, I've found one bed that seems to be off limits... Grandma's bed! Last night I jumped up and made myself at home only to get chased off by everyone from Grandma, to my owner... She even took a magazine to me when I dared jump up a second time. Come to think of it, I've never seen any of the other girls on that bed... maybe I should get a clue.

'Til later... I've got mud to sling in the back "yard" as it's nice and warm and the snow is all melted.

Sarah, the "Spoiled Spinach Fits"...
I mean, Spoiled Finnish Spitz


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