Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ok, it's water bowl issues again...

A couple days ago, my buddies were romping around in the living room and well, you guessed it... they tipped my nice full water bowl over, right on to the carpet.

The humans were not amused!

They were so "not amused" that they removed my water bowl and placed it next to that gurgly thing again. That means I have to put my all fours on the tile to drink.

Well, I tried it out, and for a couple of times it worked. You see, I've conquered the tile floor as long as the other girls don't push me around on it.

Here's the problem... I was at my bowl getting a drink when one of the big girls came to get a drink from the gurgly thingy... yep... it gurgled and growled and I about peed floor trying to get away.

Thank goodness my owner has a sense of when I'm thirsty. She patiently gets my bowl and holds it for me. I'm learning real fast that instead of grabbing a lap or two... stand there and tank up.

Yesterday she and a roommate came up with the hair-brained idea of putting my bowl in the front bathroom. She even tempted me with pieces of hotdog, an un-resistible treat. As I see it... it's a "no go".

The bowl is on tile. Even if they leave the bathmat down, it shifts under my feet. Another thing... about half the time the door is closed. Now, I'm talented, but opening the door is gonna take some serious work.

Hopefully my owner will find a better solution.

Sarah, the "spinach fits"... I mean, Finnish Spitz!


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