Saturday, August 18, 2007

Something's happening... the humans have been cleaning house

Oh how I hate it when the humans clean house.

They run a big machine around... I think I heard them call it a sweeper. Anyhow, it's noisy and it scares Mindy, and Kiki. Coco slinks around and Koda, the big goof wants to get in the way.

She actually insists they run this thing with a big hose all over her.

Count me out on that one... I'd lose what little fur I have, for sure.

Anyhow, there was lots of talking, some harsh words... generally aimed at one of us dogs 'cause we were trying to hang out in the kitchen.

"The owner" gave me what I thought was a piece of melon... but it was yellow instead of red. Looked kind of like a melon, tasted like a melon... must have been a melon.

Now, I'm ready to settle down with the other girls for a nice long nap.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coco was a bad girl last night

Oh that Coco!

Don't know if I told you or not... but Coco is a thief and a chewer!

Anywhoo's, she stole one of "the owner's" work gloves when no one was looking. "The Owner" didn't notice until it was nearly time for bed... long after "Grandma" had gone to bed.

Well, "the owner" went on the hunt. Lights were turned on. Beds were inspected. Dogs were checked to see who looked really guilty. I was safe 'cause I know better. Koda was safe 'cause she's "too good and pretty" to do anything like that. Mindy was safe 'cause she's too lazy to bother. That left Kiki and Coco.

Kiki just couldn't be guilty. She'd been sleeping in the big chair. Besides, her favorites are washcloths, ballpoint pens, etc... not some stinky, dirty leather glove.

Coco, on the other hand, has a penchant for stuff that is "well loved" and used. She's been known to chew up socks, underwear, old hats, etc.

Bev, the retired cop when on patrol... finding a well-tenderized glove under "Grandma's" bed. That sealed it... Coco was the culprit since that's her very favorite hidey-hole, especially when she's got a good chew on hand.

"The Owner" got her glove back, wet and soggy, but without new holes. Coco... well it was way too late to reprimand her, but I did notice "the owner" wouldn't give her "special time" as we were relaxing before heading for bed.

If you ask me, Coco was lucky to get to sleep indoors... I'd have thrown her brown butt out for the night. But then, I suppose she'd have been baying to get in... after all, she is a wannabe Lab, a real hound dog.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dead mouse in the middle of the yard...

Boy, was that ever fun!

All five of us were out playing and hunting, when someone... I'm not sure who... found a dead mouse.

Well, since I'm the only "real hunting dog"... I took charge. I barked a warning, and then growled real good. The other girls just treated me like we were playing... they didn't seem to care that this was serious business.

Well, that aroused "the owner".

She came out of the house just in time to get run over by all of us, as Kiki, the GS/Aussie mix had grabbed up that icky, dirty dead mouse and was leading the chase to show it off.

You should have seen her... head hanging out one side of her mouth and the tail out the other.

Well, "the owner" hollered, coaxed, chased, and finally got Kiki's attention long enough to pick up the mouse and throw it over the block wall... Game over...


It was time for a quick game of "kick over the water bowl"!

This is alway fun... It's usually Coco's job to put her paws on the bowl and knock it off the block. While we wait for the water to run all over the place and fill up some holes, we stay real quiet, so "the owners" don't know what we're doing.

Oh what fun... Coco, Kiki and even Mindy just love to run through the puddles and play in the little ponds. Boy do they get muddy!

Uh-oh... "the owners" just put a stop to that for the day... they shut off the water!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Whew! Dodged a bullet on "having to post"...

Ahhh, life is more back to normal, now.

You see, my owner thought she'd put me to work writing about stuff... but seeings as how she never gave me enough time to hijack the computer, and the other dogs wouldn't let me near that chair... well, I just didn't get to post often enough. And, this company, Pay Per Post, just doesn't want any slacker posters.

After all, they have a business to run!

Now, I did get the owner to agree to let me post more often about all our "dog life" here on the farm. She's so busy with the sheep, chickens, and now two horses... she's agreed to leave the "doggie world" to me... so here goes.

This morning that stupid critter showed up again. It keeps teasing me and heading for one of the wood piles. I called out to the owner, just like a Finnish Spitz is supposed to do.

She got it about half right... came out and said "Good girl. Thanks for telling me about it."

But Maa-aa--aa-aa... you're supposed to tear this pile down and get that critter!

Oh, your back hurts and you don't feel like it? Well tough... then I'll just stand here and bark!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Yikes... now I have to post...

Ok, this deal with "the owner"... now she's expecting me to post something every day.

She actually rousts me from my sleep, and makes me get up at the 'puter and post... not sure I'm ready for this.

Let's see... oh, my itch is back. I'm just short of miserable... even more so when the other humans keep making suggestions that they should put some kind of creme on my bare skin. That is just one horrible thought!

It's been so windy here, I'm afraid to spend much time out back... I'm afraid the rest of my fur will blow away.

Oh well... one itchy dog signing off for the day,
the spinach fits... I mean Finnish Spitz